What pregnant women want


Illustrations by Ayumi Takahashi

I came across this fascinating NYTimes article today on what pregnant women want. The author crunched some numbers on Google searches in 20 different countries and came up with all sorts of insights. In the UK top 5 queries about foods pregnant women want to know if they can eat prawns, smoked salmon, cheesecake, mozzarella and mayonnaise. Compare that to Singapore where top 5 food concerns are about green tea, ice cream, durian, coffee and pineapple. I ate all this (except for durian) without even thinking of checking! But then, I ate a plate of oysters in front of my US colleagues accompanied by their worried looks and questions “Are you sure you can have this?”. As it turns out I am pretty relaxed about these things, so do your own research.

Among other concerns “preventing stretch marks” seems to be in the lead for US, Australia, Canada, the UK. But others, like Ghana, India, Nigeria, either don’t have them or are not concerned as much. I suspect it is the former because stretch marks seems to be determined by genetics – I googled that one too.

It is a fun article, go read it now.


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